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1st Piano Album "SOOTHING+"

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Piano Tunes 1988/E(1:37)   1995/Tender Interruption(1:31)   revised 24th Birthday(1:32)* revised 1996/Relentless!(0:56)   D.G.(2:35)   rerecorded Beauty(3:07)   1997/Prayer(3:55)   Ripple(1:49)   1998/Lullaby(1:53)   Etude Rightie-Handie(1:24)   1999/Clouds in the Crimson Sky(1:39)   Intermezzo(4:59)   Ne-Iki(1:05)* en hiver(1:53)* 2000/now + here(4:36)* Sepia =version=(5:30)   Requiem =version=(0:54)* rerecorded 2002/Halves(4:45)   2003/Castle Dc.(2:28)   les trois petits mouvements(2:08)   Foetus(2:23)* revised Self-Salvation(1:16)   2004/NYD's Tranquility(2:06)   Nonky2(2:19)* 2005/le carillon(1:46)   Pianistic State of Mind(2:59)* rondeau de printemps(1:38)* A Song of Assorted Truffles(2:18)* W. Solstice(3:30)* 10 Years Later(2:31)* U's Striptease =impromptu=(3:41) 2006/Greetings(1:31)* /Kai-Koh 2006(1:34)* /Lullaby+(2:47)* /Spring Winds(2:58)* /déjà rêvé(0:55)* 2008/Unfolding, Unveiling(1:08) 2013/Dreams(Preview)(1:53) /Flowers(When The Two Paths Cross)(3:05) /Healing Chants(2:00) /Partings With You(2:15) /Unreproducible 26-05-13 =impromptu=(1:25) /angélique(2:14) /Hanabi(3:07) NEW!!


2005/ Movie: "A Small Happiness"

     A Small Happiness (opening)(1:17)  
     The Old Man's Happiness(1:05)  
     The Girl's Happiness (ending)(1:19)*
       Directed by Masaya Kudaka

2003/ Game: "Pythagoras" Soar and Glide(2:19) Feeling(2:22) On His Day Off(2:21) One Day in His Life =bonus track=(2:21) Authored by Wataru Nakano Click HERE to play the game!
Vocal Tunes 2005/Blessing(Shukufuku)(2:14)   Original Poem: oo ash oo 2000/ Kimi ni(1:48)   Michi(1:35)   Original Poems: Masako Kobayashi
Synth Tunes 1995/ Synth Suite "1995" Sepia(4:16) Prairie(2:44) Haunted(2:30) Dusk(1:14) Piccadilly(1:03) Requiem(0:55) Sentiment(3:23) Fantasy(4:07)
Etc Etc... 2000/Lullaby =ringing tone version=(0:34) Sepia =ringing tone version=(0:31) Haunted =ringing tone version=(0:37) 2007/Phytoncide =ringing tone=(1:00)

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